Swiss Chocolate, Andorra Mountains, and Catalan Traditions

Swiss Chocolate, Andorra Mountains, and Catalan Traditions

It’s been quite some time since my last post, I’ve been busy experiencing so many things! Here’s a look into this crazy journey I’ve been blessed with: 



I witnessed a part of history! This is the first time there has ever been a 10 person tall human tower in El Vendrell–so cool! (The first platform of people is underneath all the people at the bottom of this photo, crazy right?!)



Morning runs are never fun, but I try to find the beauty in them one way or another.


This is how Sergi and I typically spend a portion of each night before dinner..a little wrestling and tickle fights. 


Typical food for La Fiesta de Castanyes (celebrated Oct. 31 instead of Halloween) Panallets (left) and Castanyes (right). Cristina taught me how to make the Panallets and then I had the opportunity to help all the mamas at school prepare the Castanyes for a fiesta. So fun! 




Obligatory picture when you find your name somewhere…this happened to be at a cute hairdresser shop in Zürich.


Real traditional Swiss fondue, YUM. 


Sunshine & happy vibes all around with these sweet friends ❀



Zürich is artsy, fun, hip, and full of all the happy vibes.


Joan was my partner for all the carnival rides in Vendrell!



November 1st, All Souls Day, is a public holiday here. Since it was on a Tuesday this year, October 31 was also a “bank holiday”, allowing most people to have a 4 day weekend! (Having so many holidays is definitely something I will miss when I go back home.) My host family took me to Andorra for the long weekend, and wow. Part of me felt like I was back in one of my CO mountain towns, we even spent a morning hiking to see breathtaking views. This was a place I wished I could have explored more–Andorra, I’ll be back! 



 Hiking Estany de Les Truites in Andorra




This is Montserrat, a beautiful creation of rocky mountains and the Santa Maria de Monserrat Abbey. 




This place is very popular for people from all over the world to come visit so I’m glad we stopped here on our way back from Andorra!



Because this is such a holy place, many people spread ashes of loved ones over the edges or drop flowers down the mountains.

Cristina and I at Montserrat πŸ’œ


 So, if it’s not typical to celebrate Halloween here in Catalonia, what did I do? Well, I had a great family meal with the whole family (including grandparents) and the next day we went into the forest looking for mushrooms. Never in a million years would I have thought this would be a hobby in here, but it is actually pretty fun. Because it is a hobby so many people enjoy, it gets competitive. You don’t want people to know where you found your mushrooms, so you need to hike fast!














The weather is still nice enough here to enjoy walks along the sea. I always enjoy a little vitamin sea πŸ™‚


I enjoy lunch dates with my sweet friend Roser! Vegetarian restaurants, the sea, and laughs are always included.



Overall, life is pretty fab and I’m just trying to soak up my last few weeks here ❀


Back to School, Back to Schedules

Back to School, Back to Schedules


Hi Friends,
Here’s a quick update of what life has been like in Santa Oliva.
Both Joan and Sergi are back in school, yay! Not that I didn’t love spending the whole day with them, but I think they’re glad to be back with their friends and I’m glad to have a little more structure to the day now πŸ™‚ However, these little monkeys have a pretty crazy school schedule from what I’m used to. They have school in the mornings from 9:00-12:30, then I pick them up for “La Comida”, lunch time. Then I take them back to school at 15:00. Yup, that’s right, they have a TWO AND A HALF HOUR lunch break, how crazy?! In the afternoon they have school from 15:00-16:30, and on some days they have extracurricular activities. Joan hasn’t started any yet, but Sergi has fútbol (soccer) and English classes. 
Both kiddos are so fun to hang out with, and they have very different personalities. Joan is such a good teacher and really likes music. Sergi likes to cuddle and play with me at the park. They’re even speaking English more with me! 
But the boys aren’t the only ones who is back to school, I am too! I have Spanish classes once or twice a week. I can have simple conversations with Cristina now and am able to translate with the kids better too. Slowly getting there! 
Most used words this week: Escuchas por favor, ¿Qué haces?/What’re you doing?, & Adios chicos (for when I say we’re leaving and they don’t listen to me haha)
Loving my time here in Spain, each day I feel at home a little more. Headed to Barcelona this weekend, I’m excited to go explore! 
Stay tuned for more,


Xoxo Anna